Friday, April 13, 2012

spring cleanse food: test kitchen

Yesterday I had a lunch date / photoshoot with Kate O'Donnell of Ayurveda Boston. Kate brought over some veggies, and we made ourselves a little spring cleanse test kitchen. 

In the spirit of the test kitchen, we improvised. Though I do appreciate a well-documented recipe, sometimes the spirit of cooking requires throwing in a little of this and that, and testing it as you go. So in the spirit of Kate's cooking style ("Recipes are for sissies!") this post will be a bit more improvisational.

Kate brought over  beautiful bunch of asparagus to try out a cream of asparagus soup. But first we steamed a few green shoots to enjoy simply, with a little crushed pepper, salt, and squeeze of lemon.

I tried my hand at making the asparagus soup. I boiled the asparagus in some vegetable broth for a few minutes, added salt, then blended in some mung bean sprouts with my hand stick blender. The soup was still a little watery so I added a handful of sunflower seeds and blended again. This made a nice creamy texture.

It was not too bad, however I think I overdid it a bit on the salt. Next time I'll use more sparingly but hey, that's the spirit of the test kitchen!

While we were prepping and cooking food, we also had a little snack. Rice cakes with miso paste and a generous helping of mashed avocado.

Kate was at work on her vietnamese inspired noodle bowl. She brought over some rice noodles ("Be sure to take a photo of what it says on the package!").

She prepped some carrots, ginger and coriander. The carrots and ginger went into the pot with water and the noodles. We also added some of the sprouted mung beans. In the last minute of cooking she added one star anise pod for a little spice. In our bowls we seasoned the soup with cilantro, fresh squeezed lime, ground pepper and some Bragg's Amino seasoning (tamari sauce probably would have been ideal here, but we didn't have any in our test kitchen). I still say this dish was a success!

See what you can cook up in your own "test kitchen" experimenting with grains and vegetables in simple combinations, while avoiding wheat products (bread, pasta and flour) as well as dairy, meat and sugar. Try for a few days and you'll have your very own mini spring detox.

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