Saturday, April 7, 2012

found bliss: travel postcards

I love epic and lengthy intercontinental travel adventures, but sometimes a little weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered. Somehow the whole process of travel allows me to reset; sleeping in a different bed, eating foods prepared by others, giving up my itinerary to the bus or train company. I think travel has a similar effect on all those who engage in a regular bout of wanderlust.

While in Brooklyn last weekend I found these vintage travel postcards in a well-curated second-hand shop in Williamsburg. These documents of past travels helped me set the tone for my own.

"Flight smooth. Life leisurely in Rome. Have done plenty of sightseeing. More to come.
Am writing on train enroute to Vienna; hence, shaky penmanship."
To Ruth in the Bronx, from Helen.
Postmark illegible.

"We'll never catch up to ourselves, but we're loving these two countries. Weather cool, but fine - fruit trees in bloom." To Betty in Pennsylvania, from Bela & Priscilla.
Dated 3/18, postmark illegible.

"We leave most reluctantly tomorrow after a perfect week here. Hope you have had a good vacation."
To Mr. & Mrs. S., from Betty & Dick.
Postmarked August 6, 1960.

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