Monday, April 23, 2012

lilac monday

Lilacs might be my favorite. (Or geraniums are my favorite, I never can decide!)

They are characteristic of a turning point in spring; once these bloom we are well on our way towards May, mother's day, and blissful blossoms everywhere.

Its the smell that really gets me. The scent reminds me of growing up on the farm, riding the school bus with a fresh cut lilac bouquet wrapped in wet paper towels for my 1st grade teacher, and later on of the spring I fell in love with the man who would eventually be my husband. And just the smell of spring and growing and warmth and soil and new things all around.

On this rainy spring afternoon I am thankful to have these lilacs filling my living space with their floral reminders of past times, even as I look forward to the spring to come.

Was that too dear? These are what I really wanted to share with you (maybe you have your own memories):

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  1. lilacs: the smell of grandmas and spring and purple. if purple has a smell it is definitely that of lilacs.