Friday, March 30, 2012

Homemade Green Juice Recipe

I love those green juices they sell at the supermarket when I need a nourishing snack on the run. But what's even better is making my own green juice at home! This recipe comes from my ayurveda loving friend, and its a favorite of mine. Its made from a few simple ingredients that I almost always have on hand in my kitchen. Perhaps the best thing about this homemade green juice recipe is that you don't need a juicer to make it!

Green Juice Recipe

1 apple, cored and quartered
1/2 inch peeled fresh ginger
juice of half a lemon
2 handfuls baby spinach

Pulse all of the above in a blender along with 1 to 2 cups filtered water (enough so that it all blends easily). Blend on medium speed for 30 seconds or so.

For a thick, fiber rich drink, drink as it is. Or for a smoother juice, pour the mix through a fine mesh sieve, swirling the ingredients around and pressing with a spoon to extract all the liquid.

Drink up, or pack it up in a ball jar for a cleansing and refreshing juice on the go.

I'll be on the go soon myself, heading down to Brooklyn this weekend to celebrate a dear friend's birthday, then off to D.C. where I will likely take a thousand photos of cherry blossoms which will soon take over this blog. You've been warned!


  1. Juice looks great. So nice that you don't need to use a juicer- thought I have one it's always so annoying to clean! Have to break it to you - the cherry blossoms are all gone already! They were in peak bloom super early this year - around March 24th and by now all the trees at the tidal basin are completely bare : /
    There are still some cherry blossom trees scattered around the city where you might catch a glimpse of the blossoms.

    1. Hey there, you're right, I missed the cherry blossoms, but everything else was a bloomin' which was lovely. We are still looking at bare trees here in Boston, with a few Magnolias in bloom :)